For every locksmith in Phoenix, master keying is part of the know-how that he should be endowed with. He is mostly responsible for putting up master key system that helps the other staff great deal in accessing the locked rooms. The master key is the one key that can open all the locks without any difficulty. As you all know, the workers can be careless sometimes, therefore giving each a key for a certain room may result in most of them getting lost. That is why there is the master key.

The system of locks that have a master key are just a collection of locks that have their own separate keys but can still be opened by one master key. Due to this, the master key is only issued to the caretaker and other employees that work only in that specific premise. The caution taken is mainly for security reasons. Once a master key is issued out to a master key system, all is set and the locks can be used.

In addition, there is also exists the grandmaster key. As the name suggests, this key has access to all the locks contained in a large locking system. This locking system will consist of the master key subsystem. This is most common in very huge hotels that have countless rooms. In the event that you are own a couple of apartments, you will have to have the masterkey for every apartment or to make it much easier, have one grandmaster key for the whole complex.

As much as all this sounds perfect and the solution to all your security system, it still has some few hitches that need to be taken care of. For one, in the case that the master key or the grandmaster key is misplaced or falls into the wrong hands. The entire lock system will have to be done away with and a new system put in place. This is very costly but it is s price one will have to pay to ensure safety and security to those being accommodated in the case of apartments.

The experts whom lay out the lock system are aware of the problems that locksmith and property owners face in handling these many keys. In response to this they number keys in a master key system such that the grandmaster key is denoted as A-, the master key denoted as AA- , the submaster as AAA- and finally the pass key as AAA-1. In the absence of all the grandmaster keys and sub master keys, the Master key is just named A1, A2 and so on.

These days, after much experience, the locksmiths have learned that it is best to first plan every thing in advance. The people responsible for every door is a must know in his preparation. This is mainly to prevent loss of keys haphazardly. When the client allocates all the keys to those who will be responsible, the master key and sub master keys can then be issued. Master keying has greatly enhanced security and efficiency in business premises such as lodgings and big hotels. Give East Valley Lock an Key a call today for a FREE consultation!